Vino del Sol

Vino del Sol’s mission is to be your trusted source for great wine. Since 2004 we have built our reputation as a leading importer of terroir-driven wines that over-deliver in value. Known as “The Argentine Wine Specialist®,” we also market exceptional wines and sakes from California, Chile, Japan, and New Zealand. We are proud to be the exclusive U.S. importer of Altocedro, Anko, Black Cabra, Criss Cross, Crooked Path, Formation, Gen5, Kura Selections, Lagar de Codegua, Lamadrid, Puramun, Taonga, Tapiz, TassajaraTeho & Zaha, Verum, Wapisa, and Zolo. Vino del Sol also works hand-in-hand with our customers and wineries to develop client-exclusive brands that over-deliver on value for the consumer.

Vino del Sol’s wineries are all estate-grown, sustainably-farmed, and family-owned. Our wines have received hundreds of 90+ point reviews.

Latest News & Reviews

New Reviews from Wine & Spirits

  • 93 points/Year's Best: Lamadrid Malbec Gran Reserva '15
  • 92 points/Year's Best: & Puramun Malbec Reserva '16
  • 92 points/Best Buy: Tapiz Malbec Alta Collection '18

New Reviews from Wine Enthusiast

  • 92 points: Altocedro Malbec Reserva '17
  • 92 points: Puramun Malbec Reserva '16
  • 90 points: Las Vertientes Benchmark Red '19


To be your trusted source, Vino del Sol must be sustainable. To achieve that, Vino del Sol only works with wineries that are estate-grown, sustainably farmed, and family-owned.


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