Why Argentina

Argentina is arguably the best place in the world to make wine, due to:

  • High desert climate: dry and mucho sol; the environment allows for consistency in the quality of wine produced from year to year
  • 3,000 feet and higher vineyard altitudes; this altitude creates drastic day and night temperature differences, which in turn produce more concentrated fruit
  • Argentina’s vines are more resistant to pests (notably the Phylloxera insect), which result in older vines (many of the wineries with whom Vino del Sol is working have vines over 80 years old).
  • Argentina has the world’s largest geographical range of vineyards, stretching from the 22nd to 42nd southern parallels. These extensive latitudes and their different ecologies produce a wide variety of exciting terroirs.
  • Argentina has a 150 year-old winemaking tradition (and is the world’s 5th largest wine producer), yet mixed with this tradition is world-class technology and some of the world’s top winemakers.