Mendoza accounts for 75% of Argentina’s wine production, and with many very diverse climates and terroirs, can almost be considered a country in and of itself.

The department of MAIPU is a traditional grape-growing region located at 800 meters above sea level, which produce medium-bodied wines with red fruit aromas.

Within the department of LUJAN DE CUYO there are several important traditional high-quality districts:

Agrelo, at 950M, is known as the “Tierra del Malbec”. Agrelo is a traditional Malbec growing region with many vineyards near 100 years in age. Classic Malbec plum aromas. Representative winery: Lamadrid and Zolo & Tapiz.

Las Compuertas, at 1,050m, also boasts ancient vineyards and produces Malbecs with more minerality.

Ugarteche, also known as Alto Agrelo, at 1,050m, produces intense fruity wines with elegance. Zolo and Tapiz own vineyards here.

TUPUNGATO (department within Valle de Uco) has two chief districts:
La Arboleda, at 1,100m, produces wines with good structure and dark fruit aromas. Zolo and Tapiz’s “Spirit of the Andes” organic vineyard is located here.
San Pablo, at 1,400 meters, has the highest vineyards in Mendoza, and produces very concentrated wines with principally floral aromas. All of the Zolo and Tapiz Reserva wines come solely from this district.

TUNUYAN (department within Valle de Uco) boasts the district of Vista Flores (1,100m), which produces wines with excellent structure, color, and berry and floral aromatics.

SAN CARLOS (department within Valle de Uco) has two important districts:
La Consulta, at 1,150m, is famous for Malbecs and Tempranillos with a very deep purple color and unique floral aromatics. Emblematic winery: Altocedro.

Paraje Altamira, at 1,150m, it is one of the great terroirs for Malbec in Uco Valley, with concentrated-berry-violet wines. Representative wine: Zaha Malbec

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