To be your trusted source, Vino del Sol must be sustainable. To achieve that, Vino del Sol only works with wineries that are estate-grown, sustainably-farmed, and family-owned. Vino del Sol: “The Sustainability Specialist.”


Wine begins in the vineyards, and we believe it is important for wineries to own and farm their own vines. This promotes the highest level of quality control in the vineyards. Farming the same vines in the same terroir year after year, gives a continuity to the wines’ style. Estate vineyards also protect our customers from grape price fluctuations.


All wineries in the Vino del Sol portfolio are sustainably farmed. Our wines are created in an environmentally-conscious and socially-friendly way, and the vineyards can continue to produce grapes indefinitely. The wineries proudly invest in the long-term employment and care of their workers like Tassajara with over 20 employees with 20+ years of employment. Zolo and Tapiz achieved the Global G.A.P. (Good Agricultural Practice) certification and were awarded the Gold Medal for Sustainable Practices at the 2011 Great Wine Capitals Awards. Gen5 and Criss Cross are certified green by Lodi Rules and use solar panels and renewable energy. Our wineries go the extra mile to protect the soil in a sustainable manner: ZaHa creates their compost out of the discarded grape skins and wine solids. Altocedro uses low intervention methods along with natural yeasts and is a gravity fed winery. Lamadrid uses high density plantings to naturally balance the cluster-per-vine production. Tapiz owns two certified organic vineyards and was awarded 2017 Gold Medal on sustainability from the Botanical Research Institute of Texas. The wineries utilize computer-controlled drip irrigation to further conserve water. Wapisa is a proud Partner in Conservation of the California Ocean Alliance. Tassajara (Scheid) won the 2019 California Green Medal Environment Award. Taonga is certified sustainable by Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand. And Obata Shuzo is the winner of the 2020 Sataoyama Award for Sustainability in Japan. All of our Argentine wines are vegan.


The wine business is a long-term one. Decisions made in the vineyard today may not be reflected in the bottle for several years. Corporate management, usually focused on short-term earnings, is often not conducive to building sustainable wine brands. All Vino del Sol wineries are family owned and operated, with a shared multi-generational vision for building and maintaining sustainable long-term business.

For example, Gen5 is a joint-venture between Vino del Sol and the LangeTwins winery. The Lange family has been farming the same land in Lodi for five generations. The Obata family behind our Sakes is fifth generation. Our newest wine, Osmosis, is made by the Ortiz Family, also owners of Tapiz, Zolo, and Wapisa. Vino del Sol is proud to have worked with several of these winery families for over fifteen years.