Elliott Brothers was built on family legacy, military service, and an entreprenueral heritage of adventure. It honors current generation Matt Hedges’ great uncles, who fought in different theaters in World War II. Matt remembers them talking at family reunions (while sipping bourbon of course) about how by some miracle, two of them ran into each other in Europe in the middle of the war. By an even greater miracle, they somehow got their hands on a bottle of bourbon to celebrate.

We created Elliott Brothers Reserve Bourbon to honor these Brothers’ legacy, while at the same time reflecting the current generation’s life in Argentina, where for the past 20 years Vino del Sol has been a leader in Argentine Malbec wine. Our first limited edition Elliott Brothers-just 20 barrels to celebrate our 20th anniversary-is a 10 year old Kentucky bourbon aged an additional 4 months in Tapiz Malbec Black Tears Barrels. This creates what we are sure you will find as one of the most unique, and tasty, bourbons ever produced.


Red mahogany color tinted by the Malbec, with aromas and flavors of caramel, honey, molasses, dark fruit and leather fade into rich baking spice with hints of Malbec wine. This expression is surprisingly approachable for 131 proof.


Introducing: Elliott Brothers 10 Year Kentucky Bourbon