The Sake Specialist

Kura Selections is Vino del Sol’s portfolio of artisanal sakes. Since 2008, we have focused exclusively on the famed Obata Shuzo brewery and their Manotsuru brand.  Obata Shuzo is run by fifth-generation Rumiko Obata, and hand-crafts some of the world’s top sakes. The brewery is located on Sado Island in Niigata. Niigata is considered by many to be the best place in the world to find high quality sake, given the cold climate, mountain water, tradition of small produers, and excellent regional rice.

Crane Junmai

90 Points & Best Buy,
Beverage Testing Institute

The red crane is a symbol of good luck. This is a junmai sake, which means it is pure rice sake (no alcohol was added). An elegant, slightly earthy sake with notes of stone fruit, pistachios, and white chocolate. Please drink this sake chilled or at room temperature. A great all-around sake, it goes well with a wide range of foods.


Crane Karakuchi

Best Buy, Beverage Testing Institute

This is a Karakuchi sake, which means it is dry. This elegant sake has citrus and almond aromas with a silky mouthfeel. It can be served chilled, at room temperature, or warm. Manotsuru Crane Karakuchi goes well with a wide range of food; try it with your favorite chicken dish!


Demon Slayer

90 Points & Best Buy,
Beverage Testing Institute

This is an Onikoroshi (“Demon Slayer”) sake, which means it is very dry. Medium-bodied sake with tantalizing fruit flavors and a pleasant nuttiness on the mid-palate. Hints of mineral on the very dry finish. Best served slightly chilled and is wonderful with all types of meat.


Countless Visions Nigori

90 Points & Best Buy,
Beverage Testing Institute
Gold MedalBeverage World

This is a Nigori sake, which means it was unfiltered and has more rice particles; this creates a cloudy sake with a distinctive sweet taste. Tropical notes of starfruit and guava hit the palate with a refreshing burst of flavor along with anise and melon flavors. A creamy and spicy finish. Shake before serving chilled. Goes well with spicy food. The label is inspired by the Sado Island Noh poet Zeami.


Bulzai Ginjo

92 Points & Best Buy,
World Sake Challenge

This is a Nama-chozo sake, which means it is left un-pasteurized until the bottling stage; this adds zestiness to the mouthfeel. Refreshing aromas of bananas and tropical fruit. The finish offers hints of licorice and white pepper over stone-driven mineral notes. Best served chilled. Bulzai “hits the mark” with a wide range of appetizers and fish dishes.


Maho Daiginjo

Gold Medal,
National Sake Awards Japan (’19)

This perennial gold medal winning Daiginjo has clean and fresh aromas, with notes of anise. Peppery on the palate with juicy ripe melon and good acidity and length. Best served mildly cool. It goes well with rich dishes such as cream sauce as well as with a wide range of appetizers and fish dishes, including whitefish and fresh oysters.


Pure Bloom

90 Points,
Beverage Testing Institute

Pure Bloom, Sweet Junmai Gingo Sake is brewed with only pure, soft groundwater and world-famous Niigata sake rice. This well-balanced, low alcohol sake is crafted with a fresh and pleasant sweetness. It has a soft, light and elegant palate that showcases the cherry blossom, lychee and white chocolate notes.


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